Luxury lighting concept at the Sara Group’s flagship showroom in Dubai

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True to its reputation as the ‘city of superlatives’, the city of Dubai on the Arabian peninsula never fails to surprise. As both a tourist magnet and a global trade centre it offers incomparable experiences to all who travel there. In addition to the tourist sights, including the renovated old city and the magnificent old Ruler’s Palace, this city on the Persian Gulf boasts exclusive shopping malls and luxury hotels. One of the shopping highlights, the Sara Group’s flagship showroom, was recently transformed by the Ansorg lighting experts into a new, glamorously-lit retail environment.

It showcases luxurious bathroom fittings, premium-quality tiles, first-rate hospitality and kitchen equipment in an exclusive atmosphere and lighting scenario that emphasises the opulence of the products.

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The Ansorg specialists drew on their expertise in this project to design the overall lighting concept, orchestrate the coordination and support of the tradesmen and professionally manage the final alignment of the luminaires. The building’s unusual architecture presented a special challenge, and it was necessary to use especially powerful track-mounted spotlights to illuminate the seven-meters-high and 650 square metres showroom. Reflectors with various beam angles were deployed to create the basic light mood, interspersed with specifically positioned highlights.

Guests access the foyer, with its curated exhibits in a circular formation, via the two entrances in the cylinder-like glass structure. The Ansorg light planning experts delivered a uniform lighting mood in the reception hall and all the other sales areas.


However the 270° window front required significantly more powerful illumination to maximise the flagship store’s visibility on Dubai’s main thoroughfare, Sheikh Zayed Road.
The cone shaped translucent stretched ceiling element installed above the Customer Experience Centre at the heart of the glass roundel, combined with decorative suspended luminaires, creates a lounge-like environment for customer consultations. All showroom luminaires are connected to a Bluetooth system that can be used to create individually coordinated lighting scenarios and contrasts in each of the showroom areas.

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The Sara Group opted for natural and realistic colour rendering in highlight areas to emphasise the exclusivity of the tiles and the opulent shine of the fittings.

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Additional showroom design elements include the suspended plaster ceilings at heights of 5.5 and 6.5 metres, each of which form a special POS for kitchen and bathroom furnishings. The recessed luminaires, which rotate 360° and swivel up to 30°, are precision aligned to perform two functions: to create a welcoming atmosphere and to accentuate specific product groups. In some of the other separate, private room-like areas, selected bathroom interior design concepts are showcased to showroom visitors, highlighted in various light scenarios to provide a very personal shopping oasis experience.


Project information:
Client: Sara Group
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Area: 650 m²
Shop fitter: RK Gulf
Lighting & light planning: Ansorg
Energy consumption: 12.8 watts/m²
Luminaires: Iqona ILT, Coray CMR

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