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Christmas is a time of tradition and reflection, but also a celebration of the extraordinary and an occasion for grand festivities. The Christmas world of The KaDeWe Group presents both new and old customs, whether a classic scene featuring presents under the tree and a festive goose, a surfing holiday and tropical palm trees or a disco party on the dance floor. Each Christmas window tells its own festive story, so get ready for Christmas.

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At the heart of the Christmas campaign are life-size nutcracker figures with a new twist, combining tradition and modernity with a hint of irony.

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The window gallery gets visitors in the mood for the unparalleled Christmas atmosphere in the stores themselves.

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Thanks to its newly designed Christmas campaign, The KaDeWe Group has once again earned its place as one of the highlights of the Advent season in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.

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The nutcracker figures have been designed exclusively for The KaDeWe Group and are available at KaDeWe, Oberpollinger and Alsterhaus.

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