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16 - 20 February

Eight Experience Dimensions +++ Stages with high-calibre programme +++ Specials galore +++ Renowned awards +++ Variety of Guided Tours

EuroShop, the World’s no.1 Retail Trade Fair, is a must-see fixture for the retail world. From 16 to 20 February it will bring together to the tune of 2,300 exhibitors from over 60 countries with 114,000 trade visitors expected from throughout the world in Düsseldorf. And it is not only an indispensable information platform, trend hotspot and network for retail professionals but it also intensely impacts many other areas and sectors, delivers innovative blue-prints and addresses urgent themes of relevance to the future such as digitalisation, robotics, sustainability or climate neutrality.

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The Christmas theme this year in Galeries Lafayette Haussmann is bees. At the top you see queen bee. 
The traditional Christmas tree, you can see from under the cupola, is also back and catch all eyes. Sprinkled with winter flowers and XXL bulbs, this year, it will be covered in frothy and amber colors and a couple of bees all around. The lights of the cupola are fading away and look up to the tree: every 30 minutes you can attend the beehive awakes as well as the bees flying.

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Christmas is a time of tradition and reflection, but also a celebration of the extraordinary and an occasion for grand festivities. The Christmas world of The KaDeWe Group presents both new and old customs, whether a classic scene featuring presents under the tree and a festive goose, a surfing holiday and tropical palm trees or a disco party on the dance floor. Each Christmas window tells its own festive story, so get ready for Christmas.

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Stadshart Amstelveen in teken van Sinterklaas
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Stadshart Amstelveen staat de komende periode in het teken van Sinterklaas. Op zaterdag 16 november komt De Sint om 11:30 uur aan op het Stadsplein. Het speciale diner vindt plaats op zondag 24 november als feestelijke afsluiting van de shows tijdens het Sinterklaasfeest. Naast het Sinterklaasfeest, rijdt er de komende weken een Pietentrein en gaan de voetjes van de vloer tijdens het Sinterklaas Discofeest.

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